The Exhibition date of the Hanoi venue has been changed. Please click here for details.

The Exhibition date of the Hanoi venue has been changed.
(OLD) 17 to 19 July 2024
(NEW) 18 to 20 September 2024
Please click here for details.


What is FBC ASEAN Manufacturing
Business Matching Event?

A matching platform specializing in the manufacturing industry that enables efficient business matching. With a flexible format that allows you to showcase both online and offline, Apply for business matching in advance is possible.

  • Highlight 1

    Supports both online and offline needs

    Exhibitors can exhibit flexibly according to their convenience. If you are an online exhibitor, You can have business talks with local companies (exhibitors, visitors) in Thailand, Vietnam, China, and other countries while you are in Japan.

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    Achieving global expansion

    Buyers from various countries (major buyer companies in each country, parts trading companies in Japan who wish to procure from ASEAN), Global expansion is possible.

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    Effective business discussion

    Effective business discussion by requesting business matching in advance. Registered visitors can also apply. When applying for exhibitors, you can make a decision while reviewing buyer information. As a result, a large number and high quality of exhibitors can be expected.


Focusing on Japanese companies in Thailand and Vietnam, as well as local companies in Thailand and Vietnam, An industry-specific exhibition and business meeting to promote your company's business and products. Local sourcing of materials and parts by manufacturing and related companies, We manage a wide range of tasks, including seeking for partners for technical and financial alliances, in addition to extending the distribution channels for your products.

Exhibiting Companies


Metal products, automobile/railway/marine products, steel industry, non-ferrous metals, general machinery, electric machinery, general manufacturing companies such as information communication equipment, electronic parts/devices, precision machinery, chemical industry, plastic/rubber products, etc.

Solution company

Non-manufacturing companies that provide services and products to manufacturing companies: trading companies, IT (software development), human resources, logistics, industrial parks, etc.


FBC ASEAN 2023 Results

  • Exhibitors

    348 companies

  • Business matching

    10,884 cases

  • Estimated sales


FBC HANOI 2022 Video

FBC HANOI 2023 Video


One key benefit is that you can conduct business meeting efficiently during the exhibition period, because exhibitors and visitors are matched up in advance on the website for this business matching.

  • STEP 1

    Online Registration

  • STEP 2

    Online Business Matching

  • STEP 3

    Business matching schedule confirmation


  • Bangkok venue

    Held concurrently with INTERMACH, which attracted over 40,000 people. Many local companies exhibited through the Thai Subcontractors Association. Through the Thai Board of Investment (BOI), more than 100 big buyers (Japanese, Western, and local) participated from Thailand and other ASEAN countries.

  • Hanoi venue

    The largest business matching event for manufacturing industry in Vietnam. A large number of local companies participated in cooperation with the Department of Industry and Trade of Hanoi City. Since Vietnam is the No.1 in attention as a destination from China, many buyers from Japan who are looking for suppliers will visit.

  • Online Business Matching

    300 companies, mainly from Thailand and Vietnam, took part in the online business matching in 2022. More than 600 business matching were held online as a result of the preliminary matching. You can also take part from Japan!