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FBC ASEAN at Bangkok Venue
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Date and time 15 May (Wed) - 18 May (Sat) 2024 10:00 - 18:00 (4 days)
Thailand time (Japan time + 2 hours)
Venue Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
Co-sponsored event INTERMACH / MTA / SUBCON Thailand
Click here for details on the FBC ASEAN.
If you register as a visitor, you will be able to attend the co-sponsored events.

How to register as a visitor

Before joining the exhibition, please first register as an NC member. Those who have completed NC member registration will automatically register as visitors. We recommend registering in advance to facilitate your participation in the event.
After completing the registration process,the issuance of an entry pass will commence immediately. Entry passes will be sent via email every Monday (or the next working day if it falls on a holiday). In case you do not receive the pass,please contact the office directly.

Those who do not have an NC member ID

Please enter your email address. Once entered, a link for membership registration will be sent to the provided address. Please check your email inbox.

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Please access the URL provided in the email and entering the information necessary for visitor registration. You will receive your entry pass via email on the following Monday after registration is completed.
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Those who have an NC member ID

Please click the "Login" button and proceed to the login screen. If you don't remember your password, also proceed to the login screen and click on "Forgot your password". and your password will be sent to your registered email address.
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Visitor registration will be completed by logging in from the login screen below. You will receive Your entry pass will be sent via email on the following Monday after registration completion.

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