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42,000 visitors / Held as part of Thailand's three major exhibitions


Held concurrently with INTERMACH exhibition which expected to draw over 40,000 visitors.Every year, the Thai Subcontractors Association organizes an exhibition featuring about 100 local companies.

Each year, more than 100 major buyers exhibit through the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) at the Buyers Village corner. It is possible to apply for business meetings prior to the exhibition.

FBC Exhibitors are also eligible to apply for online business meetings with buyers who are independently drawn to NC network.

  • Business matching

    Max 70 sessions

    *4 days at the venue x 10
    3 days online x 10

  • Exhibitors

    70 companies

    *Total 550 companies
    co-sponsored events

  • Visitors


Benefits as an exhibitors

  • Apply for business matching with over 100 major buyers

    Bangkok Exhibitor Merit
  • Large-scale event with over 40,000 visitors

    Bangkok Exhibitor Merit
  • Opportunites for meetings with FBC ASEAN (Japanese) and Thai Subcon (Thai Local)

    Bangkok Exhibitor Merit
  • Also has the right to take part in the online business matching held in October

    Bangkok Exhibitor Merit

Benefits as a visitors

  • Apply for business matching in advance with of FBC ASEAN is possible

    Bangkok Visitor Merit
  • Check out the latest technology

    Bangkok Visitor Merit
  • Large numbers of Thai local manufacturers exhibit

    Bangkok Visitor Merit

Details about further co-sponsored events


    One of Thailand's three major exhibitions for the manufacturing industry. More than 500 global companies will showcase cutting-edge industrial equipment.
    Great place to gather information on cutting-edge technologies such as FA and robotics all at once.

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    Hosted by Thai Subcontractors Association, There will be over 100 top-notch Thai local companies exhibiting!
    FBC Exhibitors are also eligible to apply for business meetings with Thai SUBCON Exhibitors.
    If you are looking for local suppliers or want to develop sales channels in Thailand, please join us.

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