Matching Flow page

Business Matching

  • STEP 1

    Register information

    Exhibitors register some information on purchasing products such as name, type, material and image.

  • STEP 2

    Search for meeting candidates, apply for meetings

    Exhibitors and visitors can find interested partners based on registered products and apply business meeting to them.

  • STEP 3

    Meeting during the exhibition

    When the business matching application applied in Step 2 is accepted by the partner company, the negotiation will be set into the 2 day-schedule of the exhibition. You can check newest schedule on the website.


  • Many specific procurement items are posted

  • Narrowing down by processing classification of exhibitors

  • Abundant search items enable efficient matching

How to operate
the matching system

Applicant side

How to apply for business meeting

  • Apply Step 01 Narrow down matching partners on the search screen

    (Click the image to enlarge the searh screen)

    Search for the exhibitor you want to apply for meetigs with.

    You can search for information on registered procured items and by processing classification.

    You can easily find a business meeting that suits your company.

  • Apply Step 02 Choose meeting date and languages

    Click "Select schedule/business meeting method" to apply screen is displayed.

    ・Available languages of an exhibitor for meetings
    ・Available dates for meetings
    is displayed.

    Select the desired languages and meeting date, and enter the desired meeting details in the comment field.

  • Apply Step 03 Registration confirmation

    Click "Register".

    Wait for the exhibitor's response of "accepted" or "declined".

Respondent side

How to reply for meeting request

  • Answer Step 01 Reply

    The information will be displayed like this for a respondent side who received a meeting application.
    Check the application details and select either "Accept" or "Refuse".

  • Answer Step 02 Fix meeting date

    Fixed meetings are reflected in the meeting schedule.

    For online meetings, a Zoom link will be displayed, so just click the link at the designated time to connect with the meeting partner.